What is ID EST?

Lat That is. Commonly abbreviated “i. e.”Id perfectum est quod ez omnibus suia partibus constat. That is perfect whichconsists of all its parts. 9 Coke, 9.Id possumus quod de jure possumus.Lane, 110. We may do only that which by law we are allowed to do.Id quod est magis remotum, non trahit ad se quod est magis junctum, sed e contrarioin omni casn. That which is more remote does not draw to itself that which ianearer, but the contrary In every case. Co. Litt. 104.Id quod nostrum est sine facto nostro ad alium transferri non potest. Thatwhich is ours cannot be transferred to another without our act. Dig. 50, 17, 11.Id solum nostrnm quod debitis deductis nostrum est. That only is ours which remainsto us after deduction of debts. Tray. Lat. Max. 227.

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