Best Way To Find People By Social Security Number

One of the most popular and widely used identification numbers is the Social Security Number (SSN). Although the government told organizations they should not use this in every day transactions, the number has been used for employment, credit searches and crime records. There are many online search sites that permit people to look for anyone by using the Social Security Number and last name.

Freedom of Information Act of 1966

On July 4, 1966, the Freedom of Information Act was passed giving individuals, landlords, employers and law enforcement officials more access to the numerous files detailing the life history of every American. This information is meant to be delivered on the “right to know” of the requester.

Some families use the Social Security Number to check up on their loved ones. Many families tend to be very mobile and spread out throughout the country. For family reunions, birthdays or deaths, it makes sense for family members to search for that long lost cousin or aunt twice removed. This has been considered a legitimate search reason.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has used the social security number for criminal records. These are the most complete files listing an individual’s name, phone number, job, address and crime. Credit reporting agencies have created financial files on consumers when they make a loan application. When an individual applies for a position or for housing, the employer or landlord has access to these personal files also.

Reverse Social Security Number Search

It has become quite easy to get a hold of a Social Security Number. The Reverse Social Security Number search is used on sites to verify whether the person matches his number. Usually, this search is conducted with a last name.

Individuals, private companies, private investigators, banks, apartment complexes, local, state and federal governments are all looking up this private information every day. Companies have accumulated a lot of information about you and sold it to these databases to make money. The Social Security Administration (SSA) also allows searches to determine eligibility for benefits.

The best way to find people by Social Security Number is online. There are many paid services – some government, some law enforcement and some family-oriented. There is an abundance of information: birth, marriage, arrests, taxes, credit history and bankruptcies may be included.

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