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What Is Breach of Contract?

Ever made a deal with someone who didn’t hold up their end of the bargain? Or, maybe you’ve failed to perform your end of a contract, and you’ve been sued for a

7 Ways to Legally Void a Contract

U.S. law defines a contract as a legally binding agreement that places mutual obligations on the involved parties. Failure to stick to the terms of a contract can result in serious consequences.

How Does a Cell Phone Contract Work?

Cell phones are everywhere these days, and each person that uses a cell phone has some version of a cell phone contract. These mini-computers are complex — but understanding how your contract

What Is a Promissory Note? A Legal Guide

If you’ve ever taken out a loan, you have probably signed a promissory note. A promissory note defined is a legal document that is a promise of payment. Promissory notes are often

What Is Duress?

Learn how duress is applied in contract and criminal law, what elements are necessary to prove it, and how coercion differs.

Signing a Letter on Someone Else’s Behalf

Sometimes in the business world, it’s necessary for office staff to sign a letter on someone else’s behalf, such as the manager or company president. This usually happens when the manager or

Why Ab Initio Is a Big Deal in Contract Law

The phrase ab initio comes from Latin and literally means “from the start” or “from the beginning.” Such a definition may sound fairly innocuous, but the truth is that this little phrase

The law of verbal agreements

<p>People have traditionally used a handshake to signify the reaching of an agreement. Verbal agreements, with or without the symbolic handshake, are legally enforceable in most instances. State laws require that certain

Legal Definition Of Tolling Agreement

The Tolling Agreement might be mistaken for a highway toll bridge where money is collected. But it also has another definition with regards to rights and contract law. Here is the legal

Who Can Witness A Legal Document?

There are well-established guidelines for how the signature and date sections should look on a legal document. A party (or parties) should find credible, reliable witnesses to authenticate the signatures and date.

What Are Bilateral Agreements?

You might have heard of bilateral trade agreements between different countries, but is that the same as a bilateral agreement? The prefix “Bi” means two. But what is the exact definition of

How To Cancel A Contract In Writing

Individuals and entities may enter into contracts for a variety of reasons. Usually, a contract defines the obligations of the parties, with one party promising goods or services while the other promises

How To Sign Over A Car Title To Someone

The title to a car is perhaps the most important document associated with it because it denotes the right of ownership to it. When people sell their cars, simply receiving money for

Best Way To Write A Lease-To-Own Contract

A lease-to-own contract is a binding agreement between two parties in which one party agrees to rent or lease property, car or big-ticket item, with the eventual purchase of the item. Rent

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