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Can I Get a Free Lie Detector Test?

Getting a Free Lie Detector Test

There are many reasons one might desire a lie detector test. It could be to verify suspicions regarding spousal behavior, determine the honesty of a teenage child, or simply for a project that requires the use of a polygraph machine. However, lie detectors can also be extremely expensive and difficult to find. Though it is rare to get a free lie detector test, there are ways to lower the cost.

Use an Online Lie Detector Test

There are a number of online services that purport to have free lie detector software. They often require that individuals enter credit card information to receive results, which is conspicuous at best. There are some that are completely free to use, though the accuracy is questionable.

Common Questions Asked During a Lie Detector Test


Purchase Lie Detection Software

Though the process is similar to free lie detection tests available online, those that are purchased are much more complex. Lie detection software comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the price can be as much as 1/10 of that of a traditional test. It is important to research different lie detection software packages. Some are well respected while many others are simple novelty items.

Purchase a Polygraph Machine

A personal polygraph machine costs far less than the price of a polygraph exam. Though the accuracy is always in question when not used by a trained professional, the lie detector machines themselves are purported to be accurate. Even more attractive is the fact that the machine can be used multiple times or sold to someone else who may desire to own it.

Lie Detector Test

Pay for a Voice Test

Voice tests use sub-audible tremors in a person’s response to detecting whether not they are telling the truth. A voice test can be conducted over the telephone, which is easier than traveling for a traditional polygraph and less expensive as well. Though the price of a voice test varies, the cost can be as much as half the price as a traditional polygraph test.

Negotiate Polygraph Prices

The best polygraph a private individual can use is one that is conducted on professional equipment by those who are trained to use them. The cost of these lie detector services are often hundreds of dollars. However, it is sometimes possible to contact a professional and negotiate a lower price. This is especially true of students who are using the test for special projects or reports.

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