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Getting A Refund On A Western Union Money Order

Getting A Refund On A Western Union Money Order

Western Union is a convenient way for people to instantly send money to other people, no matter their locations. However, situations might arise in which the money gets lost, stolen or the senders might simply change their minds about sending the orders and want to retract them. Getting a refund for a Western Union money order is possible with the appropriate documentation and by going through the proper channels.

Refund Requests

People can fill out a Trace/Refund request form to track down where their sent money is and request a refund of it. In order to get a refund, though, people generally must go to the original Western Union locations where they purchased their money orders and have their receipts in hand proving their purchases of them. It is also a good idea for them to know the serial numbers of the money order as well as the amounts that they sent because as long as they know this information, they can still fill out refund request forms even if they don’t have their receipts.

Western Union Affidavits

If people don’t have their proof of purchase receipts and merely fill out refund request forms with the serial numbers and amounts of the money orders, then they must call Western Union’s customer service number and speak with a representative to obtain a Western Union affidavit that verifies their identities. Such affidavits serve as substitutes for proofs of receipts. When individuals have the affidavits sent to them, then they fill them out and have them notarized to make them valid.

A Western Union Money Order

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Processing fees are required to:

  1. File Trace
  2. Refund forms

The amount of the processing fee depends upon the amount that the money order was for. People who act promptly and file for tracking and refunds of their money orders before the orders are cashed can expect to receive their refunds more quickly. Usually, if the money orders haven’t been cashed yet, then they can expect to receive their refunds within 30 days or less. However, if the money orders have already been cashed, then Western Union might require an investigation to be conducted into the money orders. They might also require bonds of surety to issue refunds too pending the results of the investigations, though.

Receiving refunds for Western Union money orders is possible, although it might take a bit of time. Still, when people send large amounts of money and need it back, it might be worth the wait and hassle for them to get their money back.


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