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TheLawDictionary.org is the most trusted free legal resource on the internet featuring professionally written legal definitions as well as the complete Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd Edition.  Henry Campbell Black published the first edition of Black’s Law Dictionary over 100 years ago with the 1st edition in 1891.  It has long been regarded the definitive legal dictionary by lawyers and law students from around the world.  The 2nd edition of Black’s Law Dictionary was published in 1910 and is now in the public domain.

TheLawDictionary.org brings you the 2nd edition in an unaltered, unedited form and is free to use as it is under public domain. We have taken care to digitize the 2nd Edition and provide accurate terms and definitions as they appear in this edition. You may see typos or misspellings in some cases due to scanning and digitization inconsistencies.

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