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The Law Dictionary (TLD) strives to be the most trusted source for free legal information online. We know that the law is complicated at best, and confounding at worst. Trying to decipher legalese can just leave people feeling vulnerable.

That’s why we’re here. Our mission at TLD is to be the legal resource that provides clear, reliable, professionally written information so everyday readers can better understand the laws that govern the world around them. Have a legal matter of your own? Consider us the first step to finding a solution.

TLD is composed of two main sections: Legal Information and the Legal Dictionary. Our comprehensive site features articles written by professionals who have received a Juris Doctor degree from an American Bar Association–approved law school, as well as the complete Black’s Law Dictionary Second Edition.

Legal Information

Every page in our Legal Information section is produced by our internal writing team made up of highly qualified licensed lawyers who have real-world experience practicing the law. Our lawyer-writers diligently research and create pages that provide general legal information on topics ranging from business formation to divorce law to motor vehicle accidents — and everything in between.

As a leading legal resource, we hold ourselves to high-quality standards and editorial practices. Articles do not get published without a thorough review by our legal editors for both style and substance. TLD follows best practices to create accessible online content for the general reader, while upholding accuracy in presenting the state of the law, the legal system, and legal issues in the news.

We research legal issues and obtain facts from authoritative sources including:

  • Federal, local, and state statutes
  • Court decisions from federal and state systems
  • Rules, regulations, and guidance from federal, local, and state agencies
  • Commentary and articles authored by legal experts

Legal Dictionary

The first edition of Black’s Law Dictionary was published by Henry Campbell Black in 1891, and has long been regarded as the definitive legal dictionary by lawyers and law students. The second edition of Black’s Law Dictionary was published in 1910 and is in the public domain. We have taken care to digitize the second edition and provide precise terms and definitions as they appear in this edition.


It is important to remember that The Law Dictionary is a legal resource — not a law firm — and we don’t offer legal advice. All the articles and definitions on The Law Dictionary contain legal information but no portion of TLD should be considered a substitute for professional legal advice, and no page on the site creates an attorney-client or legal adviser relationship. Always contact a qualified attorney who is licensed in your jurisdiction for help with your legal matters.

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