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Do Bankruptcies Show Up on Background Checks?

Many job applications today require background checks. If you’re one of the more than 500,000 Americans who have declared bankruptcy in the last year, you may be nervous about what a background

Product Liability: Do You Have a Case?

Have you ever been injured because the product you were using didn’t function the way it was supposed to? You may have needed a “product liability” lawyer. This area of the law

Simple 1041 Tax Form Instructions

If you’re an ‘executor‘ of an estate and wondering what to file with the IRS, you’ll probably want to add 1041 tax form instructions to your reading list. In most cases, executors

What Is a SCRAM Bracelet?

You may have heard the term SCRAM bracelet or alcohol bracelet in relation to DUI. But what do those terms really mean? The term “SCRAM” stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor.

What Are Crimes Against Humanity?

Designating certain acts as “crimes against humanity” can help protect populations, especially civilians, from the worst violations of human rights and dignity. This category encompasses the most egregious acts of individuals, governments,

What Is a Court Ordered Mediation?

In legal terms, ‘mediation’ is a type of alternative dispute resolution that can help resolve conflicts and avoid litigation. Parties to a lawsuit or domestic matter (such as a divorce or a

Leasing a Car After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may sound scary, but it can be a useful tool to move on with your life after financial difficulties. Bankruptcy does, however, stay on your record and may have implications for

How to Register a Vehicle Without a Title

A vehicle title is a critical piece of paperwork proving ownership of the vehicle. Titles are required when registering your vehicle with your state, which in turn allows you to drive it

What Is Cross Examination?

The question, What is cross examination? is a subject of interest to every first-year law student. “Cross examination” is a litigation technique that every lawyer who questions witnesses in court must perfect.

Marijuana Laws by State

State laws are constantly changing, and that is especially true with laws pertaining to the cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana (a slang term for cannabis). Marijuana laws by state are all

What to Know About a Roommate Agreement

Whether you’re a young professional just starting your career, or you live in a big city where living alone is a true luxury, you have probably thought about getting a roommate. Most

What Is Domestic Tranquility?

When most people think of the U.S. Constitution, they think of things like the right to free speech or the right to bear arms. But in its first sentence, the Constitution sets

What Is Imperialism? Definition and a Brief History

What is imperialism? Imperialism involves one country extending its authority over other countries or territories and gaining economic and political control over another country. Imperialism often arises through unprovoked military force and

What Is Restitution?

If you were subject to a breach of contract, had a piece of property stolen from you, or have been the victim of another crime, you may have a legal right to

Filing and Paying Back Taxes

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” quipped Benjamin Franklin. Indeed, many people dread Tax Day even more than death since Tax Day comes every year. If you’re one of the many

Is Cyberbullying Illegal?

Is cyberbullying illegal? The answer is yes. Most states have cyberbullying laws that come with criminal charges. Additionally, you may also face civil liability and be subject to monetary penalties. Here’s a

How to Check My Criminal Record: A Guide

Sometimes an employer or agency needs to run a background check. You may ask yourself, Do I even know how to check my criminal record? You’re not alone; people often don’t know

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