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What Are The Different Types Of Child Custody?

Legal cases involving child custody can be complicated. Understanding what custody means, how it works, and how a court may arrive at a child custody decision is imperative for anyone who has

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Child Support?

Child support obligations are officially mandated by a court of law. These agreements for the support of minor children specifically define when and how much must be paid by the non-custodial parent.

How Does Joint Custody Work?

In family law, legal child custody consists of a number of rights, responsibilities, and obligations of individuals in relation to a child. Custody is awarded by the court based on a legal

How To Get Child Support Payments

Whether a child is a biological relation to its parents or is adopted by them, he or she is entitled to monetary support. Usually, it is the responsibility of the non-custodial parent

Legal Rights For Unwed Fathers

Statistics suggest that the number of unwed fathers in the U.S. is on the rise. Legal presumptions for these unwed fathers are not the same as they are for married fathers. Accordingly,

How To File Forms For Temporary Child Custody

Most lawsuits require several years before a verdict is reached. However, the timeline can be different in divorce cases. This is certainly true when it comes to child custody. Children cannot be

How To Write An Affidavit For Child Custody

One of the most contentious issues in any legal matter is that of child custody. Because these matters are often fraught with emotion, it can be difficult to separate facts from feelings.

Avoid Paying Child Support Legally

In the majority of divorce actions where minor children are involved, child support payments are ordered. Usually, payments are made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent on a schedule and

How To Get Emergency Custody Of Children

Emergency custody of children is often sought if one parent becomes abusive and presents imminent harm or threat to the child. Other instances include child abandonment or parental substance abuse that puts

How to Get Custody of Grandchildren

Grandchildren are a treasure, and often those treasures must be safely guarded. Parents may become ill or otherwise incapacitated, requiring the grandparents to step in and takeover the role of primary caregiver.

Giving Up a Father’s Parental Rights

Choosing to relinquish parental rights is an emotional ordeal. When a father realizes that he cannot physically care for his child, he may decide that giving up parental rights is the best

How to Give Temporary Guardianship of Your Child

A temporary guardianship is usually secured by parents in favor of persons whom they trust to supervise their children’s affairs. Temporary guardianship pertains to the brief assumption of control by another person

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