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The Best Ways to Find a Property Owner by Their Address

If you’re looking for someone who owns a property by their address, there are a few different ways you can go about it. You could look up the information yourself online, or you could hire a private investigator to do the work for you. There are also some public records that might have the owner’s information listed. Keep reading to learn more about how to find a property owner by their address.


What Is a Property Owner Search, And Why Would You Want To Conduct One? 

A property owner search can best be described as ways someone can find a property owner if they come across a property they love or want to purchase. 

It’s always wise to do a property owner search because you wouldn’t want to go through being interested in a property and later find out the owner isn’t selling. So having a property owner search would help you get to the owner and make the best deal possible for their property.  

The Owner Of a Property By Address

How To Find The Owner Of a Property By Address? 

There are many beautiful properties out there that may seem to have caught your eye, but the question lies, how can I find this property owner? Well, here are some ways you can find the owner of a property by their address.  


  • Locate the relevant assessor’s office – Each state has its own assessor’s office, so you can locate this office. The employees would assess the property for any property tax records. There are plenty of websites that offer this information, but the United States Free Public Records Directory is also available for free. Persons can do an online search to locate this information. 
  • You can track it through your county recorder –  Persons can visit the county clerk at the recorder’s office to receive relevant information such as the property’s deeds etc. By doing this search, individuals will receive all the essential information needed like the property’s history, owner or whoever owns the property, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable visiting the office, you can also do an online search of the county recorder to find the information you need. 
  • Visit a title company – Getting details about any property taxes and title information is also an option. You can visit any title company of your choice and speak to them about the property, and from there, you can get to know who owns the property and receive vital information. Caution, though, visiting a title company and speaking with an agent isn’t free; it does cost some money to do so.
  • Get information from a real estate agent of your choice – Speaking with a real estate agent is also necessary. Real estate agents have information that would help determine who the owner of the property is, the address, tax assessment, etc. 
  • Visit the library – A visit to your local library would assist you in finding any necessary information needed.
  • Get a real estate attorney – Real estate attorneys are also helpful; by visiting one, they can go through any records that would help find important information on a property you’re interested in. 


What Is a Property Owner Search

What Information Do You Need Before Conducting a Search?

Before someone searches for a property, someone should have the name of the street on which the property or house is located. Once that information is at hand, going through the various methods to track down, the owner may take some time, or it may not. However, if you found the owner and that person rejected selling the property to you after the search, that may seem hurtful, but it’s okay. 

The most important thing is that you tried your best, and there are also plenty of other properties out there that may also catch your attention, and maybe these owners may just want to sell. 

Resources For Finding The Owner Of a Property 

Online Resources For Finding The Owner Of a Property 

The use of the internet these days is magnificent, and it has made things a lot easier for everyone. There are tons of online resources that persons can use to find a property owner. Here we will look at some of these websites, and hopefully, this should help you. 

  • Property Shark – The website gives anyone the option to do searches online and gain access to information about any property in the US. 
  • Melissa Lookups – This website is also another way someone can access property information for someone. The good thing about this website is that you can also download their app, which can be found on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 
  • US Realty Records – Anyone in the US would be able to search; once the address is entered and receive a complete property report. 
  • PropertyRadar – With property radar, you can gather tons of essential information. This website offers residential and commercial property searches and lets you connect with the owners by mail, telephone, online, or face-to-face contact. 
  • Search Bug – Using this website would help you find the information you need on a property, plus there are also great reviews from customers. 
  • NETR Online – This website would have access to all the information you may need, like tax information, locating the owner of a specific property, print deed copies, and lots more. 


Information needed for a property search


Four Things to Understand About Community Property

Tips For Success When Searching For The Owner Of a Property

In searching for a property owner, someone can sometimes go through many options, but some tips would help make the search successful. A few tips that would help could be:

  • Taking a walk up to the neighbor’s house and asking about the property. This could be useful because they might give vital information about the property’s history, if the person who resides there has passed, how long the house has been vacant etc. 
  • When you contact the property’s owner, try your best to be friendly and pleasant. Speak kindly let the other person know of your intentions. 
  • There are many online platforms available that would make you successfully receive the information of someone’s property. Some websites are for free while others are not, but doing an online search is helpful.


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