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Category: Traffic Violations

How to Register a Vehicle Without a Title

A vehicle title is a critical piece of paperwork proving ownership of the vehicle. Titles are required when registering your vehicle with your state, which in turn allows you to drive it

What Is Double Parking?

If you’ve ever been to a city, you know that parking can be a nightmare. You can spend hours driving around in circles looking for a spot, only to find one that’s

What Does a Flashing Red Light Mean

Have you ever seen a flashing red light and wondered what it meant? Turns out, it has a specific meaning, depending on the context. Keep reading to learn more about what flashing

How Does A Restricted License Work?

A normal driver’s license allows people to operate a vehicle at any time to visit any locations with any passengers they see fit. A restricted license offers much more limited driving rights

How To Get A Handicap Parking Permit

Every person with a mobility problem knows the value of being able to park as close as possible to a store, medical facility or office building. Having a handicap parking permit lets

How To Beat A Stop Sign Ticket In California

Beating a stop sign ticket in California is difficult, requiring diligence and leg work. However, if your job depends on a clean driving record or if you’re in danger of having your

What Are New York State Window Tint Laws?

Tint laws specify the minimum amount of light transmittance on vehicles’ windows. Specific provisions for New York’s tint laws may be found in Section 375 (12-a) of the Vehicle and Traffic consolidated

Renewing Your Learner’s Permit

Learner’s permits typically require you to drive a certain number of hours with supervision and take a driver’s education class before you apply for a full driver’s license. However, it may be

What are Laws for Handicap Parking Spaces

Enacted in 1990 and amended in 2008, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) established the rights of qualifying individuals with disabilities to have access to public parking spaces and building entrances. The

Calculating California Vehicle License Fees

After the purchase of a vehicle, state laws require that the same be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The system of registration of vehicles was made for the purpose of

How to Defend Yourself in Traffic Court

If you believe that it is in your best interests to contest your traffic ticket, it is important to be prepared to represent yourself in court. In the traffic court as in

What Are Truck Air Horn Laws?

Noise Pollution has been a general problem of society. From the irritable noise of the raging traffic to that caused by industrial facilities. Thus, laws were passed in order to minimize or

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