Grants Available For Ex Felons

Let’s face it. Once you have repaid your debt to the community, it can be difficult to re-integrate into the mainstream society. Grants Available for Ex Felons can help you regain your life.

“Second Chance”

Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to learn from your errors. After completing your prison sentence, you have many challenges before you: employment, housing and just getting back into the mentality of being free.

Housing units, employers and car insurance companies all run criminal background checks on applicants. Having not worked for months or years, ex-convicts will already be at a disadvantage compared to other job seekers. It can be difficult to stand out positively in a pool of applicants, when a felony is on your record.

A felony is a “red flag” – some employers simply won’t hire ex-felons. Other employers will go out of their way to offer an ex-convict a second chance. Felon-friendly firms will market themselves in this manner and receive tax benefits therefrom.

Prison is supposed to be rehabilitation and grants for ex-cons allow people to re-assimilate into society. There are both private religious (faith-based) initiatives and government (federal, state or local) grants available. These can help with counseling, substance abuse, housing assistance, job placement and medical assistance.

Qualifications can be simply general for ex-convicts or more specific, race-based for disadvantaged groups. There are thousands of prison advocacy groups, human rights, civil right groups and law enforcement agencies who will help prisoners re-enter society.

“High Recidivism Rates”

Prisoners job skills may be eroded after spending a considerable amount of time in jail. Emerging with a felony on your record is similar to having two strikes against you. Rather than being continuously turned down by employers, some ex-prisoners try to start their own businesses.

While recidivism rates are high, some ex-prisoners do change. Grants for Ex Cons allow them to reclaim their lives. Some individuals are very highly skilled and just need an opportunity.

The Small Business Administration is one of the primary organizations with loans for entrepreneurs. The National Endowment for the Humanities offers small business grants. The United States Department of Agriculture also has small business grants. The Prison Entrepreneurship Program is another path.

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