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How Do I Deposit Money Into My PNC Account when the Bank Is Closed?

My PNC Account

PNC is one of the nation’s largest and most prosperous retail banks. It operates thousands of branches across the country and maintains a robust network of loan officers and bank tellers. If you have a PNC deposit account and you wish to know how to perform certain account-maintenance tasks, the company also provides a toll-free hotline staffed with trained representatives. Unlike some smaller institutions, its call center is a dedicated facility that deals exclusively with PNC customers. It’s located in the United States and remains open late into the night.

Unfortunately, PNC’s call-center representatives can’t remotely process an after-hours deposit. To add funds to your PNC account after your branch has closed, you’ll need to use one of the institution’s remote-banking services.

How Can I Locate A PNC ATM?

Most PNC customers who wish to make after-hours deposits visit one of the bank’s dedicated ATMs. There’s a dedicated ATM located in the vestibule of every PNC branch in the country. If you’re not near a branch, you may be able to find an ATM with a prominently-displayed PNC logo at a convenience store or in a popular public area like a student union or the lobby of a major commercial building. In most cases, these ATMs are located in secure, high-visibility locations and are brightly lit after dark.

Deposit Money Into My PNC Account

What Transactions Can I Make At A PNC ATM?

You can use PNC ATMs to make:

  • Check deposits
  • Cash deposits

You’ll need your debit card to complete the transaction. Once you insert your card into the machine, you’ll need to enter your PIN and follow the prompts until you’re asked to insert your deposit. Since you may need to encase your deposit in a sealed envelope, be sure that this machine can dispense envelopes before proceeding with your deposit. Be sure to endorse your checks and correctly tally your total deposit amount on the envelope.

If you don’t have access to a PNC ATM or can’t use one because you’re unable to locate your debit card, you may still be able to make your deposit. All PNC branches sport night-deposit boxes for businesses and individuals who wish to make after-hours deposits. This is your only option for depositing cash into your account without the aid of an ATM. However, you’ll need to place your deposit into a deposit bag that includes a deposit slip with your account number on it. If you can’t procure either of these items, you won’t be able to make your deposit using a night-deposit box.


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