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Outdated & Weird Laws You Can Still Be Charged With

Don’t kill bigfoot, keep an “adequate supply” of TP in coal mines, and – whatever you do – don’t make gross cheese. If you’re wondering what weird laws your state has, don’t worry. We broke down the weirdest laws in every state below.


AL weird law

Alabama: No Dominoes On Sunday

In Alabama, it’s illegal to pretend to be a religious figure. You also can’t pretend to be a minister, nun, priest, or Rabbi. On that religious note; you also can’t play dominoes on a Sunday. Or hunt, shoot, play cards, or race.


Alaska strange law

Alaska: No Drinking At A Bar, Basically

Alaska has a statute that says an “intoxicated person may not knowingly enter or campout where alcohol is sold.” Which means you can’t get drunk in a bar and remain on-premises. But you also can’t drive home. And I’m guessing they don’t have a ton of Ubers out there?

In any case, cops in Alaska have been known to arrest both patrons and bartenders for this offense.


AZ strange laws

Arizona: You Need A Permit To Feed Garbage

In Arizona, it’s illegal to feed garbage to pigs without a permit to feed them garbage. Although if they’re pigs you plan on eating yourself, you don’t need a permit. (But ew?) Also fake drugs are illegal in AZ. As are most real ones.


ak weird law

Arkansas: No Pinball Winning Streaks

AK made it illegal for a pinball machine to give away more than 25 free games to a player in one sitting. According to the Arkansas state legislature, the statute aims to prohibit machines that encourage gambling.


weird California law

California: Destroy That Frog

In California, there’s a health code that likely comes from the county fair and frog jumping Jubilee. But this weird law goes like this; a frog that dies during a frog-jumping contest can’t be eaten and you must destroy it as soon as possible.


Colorado strange law

Colorado: Don’t Mess With The Weather

Colorado has a ton of places to ski, which can be a huge boon for tourism during skiing seasons. But in order to modify the weather (IE: make snow), you need a permit in CO.


weird laws in CT

Connecticut: It’s Their Junk – Not Yours

In Hartford Connecticut it’s illegal to collect “rags, paper, glass, old metal, junk, cylinders, or other waste materials” without a license. Because it’s their junk and they don’t want you to have it.

It was previously illegal to sell pickles, salsa, or anything with a pH below 4.6 at a farmer’s market in CT, though this law was recently overturned.


weird laws in Delaware

Delaware: Don’t Sell Pet Fur

In Delaware, it’s a misdemeanor to sell, barter, or offer the fur of domestic dogs or cats. Any products – made in whole or in part – may result in a fine of $2,500 and a ban of owning a dog or cat for 15 years after the conviction. This includes even shed fur.


FL strange laws

Florida: Where There’s Liquor, No “Dwarf Tossing”

In Florida, people who own bars, restaurants, or other places where liquor is sold may be fined up to $1,000 if they participate in or permit any contest of… Dwarf tossing. Though they have been working on getting this law repealed.

Speaking of booze, it’s also illegal to sell alcohol during the hurricane. The state says it’s to curb people’s ability to throw hurricane parties. So it’s basically for public safety.


Georgia odd laws

Georgia: Llama At Your Own Risk

In Georgia, those who engage in llama-related activities are personally responsible for any injuries they suffer. This is to protect agricultural owners from lawsuits.


odd laws in HI

Hawaii: Don’t Add Ads

In order to keep Hawaii an idyllic and peaceful chain of islands, they have a law called the “Urban Beautification Initiative,” and it dates back to 1927. This initiative says that billboards are outlawed in the state with a few exceptions. This includes notices from public offices and signs posted where goods are sold.

Otherwise, outdoor ads are strictly off-limits.


Weird Idaho laws

Idaho: Cannibalism Is Usually Illegal

In Idaho, cannibalism is usually illegal. You read that right, in most states, cannibalism itself isn’t expressly illegal.

However, the law allows for cannibalism “under life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival.” And, further, how Idaho defines cannibalism is the “nonconsensual” eating of someone else. Providing you have a friend that’s totally cool with you eating their arm, it’s not technically cannibalism – or illegal – in Idaho.

Though it is likely frowned upon.


Illinois strange law

Illinois: No $601 Salamanders

There’s a bit of a rumor surrounding this weird law. The rumor goes like this: it’s illegal to own more than $600 worth of salamanders.

This is almost true. And, truthfully, the rumors are weirder than the actual law.

In reality, it’s illegal in Illinois to possess any variety of aquatic life that was captured or killed in violation of the fish and aquatic life code, or whose value exceeds $600. So, yes, you can own $600 worth of salamanders – but it can’t be just one salamander worth $601.

But only if it violates the fish and aquatic life code in IL.


Indiana odd laws

Indiana: No Glue Sniffing With Intent

Indiana made it illegal for liquor stores to sell refrigerated soda or water. The law states that a beer and wine store should be exclusively alcoholic. That means any water were soda sold needs to be at room temperature.

I’ll admit, this makes no sense to me, but it made sense to Indiana.

Additionally, you’re not allowed to sniff toxic vapors of any kind in Indiana. At least, not if you’re intending to cause “a condition of intoxication, euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, duplication, or dulling of the senses.”

But if you just like sniffing toxic vapors, there seems to be no law about that.


weird laws Iowa

Iowa: Don’t Lie About Butter

Iowa takes butter pretty seriously.

Anyone trying to pass off margarine as real butter is guilty of a misdemeanor under the food labeling laws in Iowa. Renovated butter – whatever that is – must also be labeled as renovated butter.


Kansas weird laws

Kansas: Don’t Shoot Rabbits From Motorboats

It’s illegal to sell liquor by the glass in over 25 counties across Kansas, catch fish with your bare hands, and – no – you cannot shoot a rabbit from a motorboat. Because I know you were going to ask that.

But non-motorized boats seem to be okay.


KY strange laws

Kentucky: No Deadly Dueling

No dueling in Kentucky if you’re a public officer, legislator, or lawyer. Each one of these professionals needs to take an oath stating that they have never fought a duel with a deadly weapon.


Louisiana odd laws

Louisiana: Jambalaya Is Above The Law

Traditional Louisianan jambalaya is not subject to state sanitary code. This means that jambalaya in Louisiana can be made for public consumption in the open using iron pots and wood fires.


Maine strange laws

Maine: Don’t Take My Spot

In South Berwick ME, it is illegal to park in front of Dunkin Donuts because those spots are reserved for police officers only.


Maryland weird laws

Maryland: Your Future Holds… Jail Time

Fortune-telling is illegal in Maryland. According to this law, “Anyone pretending to forecast or foretell the future of another through cards, palm readings, or any other scheme, practice, or device” can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and fined up to $500 or serve jail time.


MA strange laws

Massachusetts: No National Anthem Remixes

American pride runs deep in Mass. Singing, playing only part of, remixing, or dancing to the national anthem is punishable by a fine of up to $100 in Mass. Additionally, swearing at sporting events if you’re over the age of 16 is still against the law.

But I’ve at Fenway for losing games, and I can tell you it is not enforced.


Michigan weird law

Michigan: Drunk On A Train

Cheating, in Michigan, is illegal. Breaking this law is punishable by a maximum sentence of four years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine. Additionally, blasphemy is still illegal in Michigan. Though neither of which are enforced with any regularity.

And a final note on Michigan’s weird laws… You can’t be drunk on a train. But a plane is okay, and once you get to Ohio, you can absolutely get drunk on a train.

Just be sober for your ride back to Michigan.


odd law Minnesota

Minnesota: No Oiled Or Greased Pigs

In Minnesota, any contest where contestants have to try to capture a greased or oiled take is illegal. Turkey scrambles are also illegal.

But non-oiled or greased pigs seem to be perfectly within legal bounds.


Mississippi strange law

Mississippi: Watch Your Mouth… And Your Stickers

For a little while, it was illegal to swear in public and Mississippi. While it’s no longer officially illegal to use obscene or adult-like language, people still can’t display “obscene stickers, paintings, decals, or emblems in public or on motor vehicles or clothing.”


Odd law Missouri

Missouri: So, About That Rampaging Bull…

This one might be one of the weirder weird laws. And it’s got a lot of caveats to it, but here we go:

If a bull or ram over the age of one year runs rampant for more than three days, a person may castrate the animal without liability for the damage. However, three town residents must attest in writing that the animal is loose, and its owner must fail to reclaim the animal after notice is given.

After that, you can castrate the bull – or ram – and continue to let it rampage, I guess?


odd law Montana

Montana: Don’t Harm Trains With Animals

Yes, those words are in the right order. For Montana laws, anyway.

Driving animals onto a railroad track with the intent to damage the train can result in fines up to $50,000 and prison time of up to five years.


Nebraska strange law

Nebraska: The VD Law

Marrying if you have an STD is illegal in Nebraska. Even though Nebraska doesn’t require any sort of panels, blood tests, or medical history in order to get a marriage license. Which makes this law difficult to enforce.


Nevada bizarre laws

Nevada: Measure Your Feet The Normal Way

Using a pedoscope (in other words an x-ray machine to size your shoes) is illegal in Nevada. So you’ll just have to measure your feet the normal way, I guess. So much for your daily dose of high levels of radiation.


Bizarre laws NH

New Hampshire: No Graveyard Hunting

Don’t collect or carry away seaweed at night in NH. Also no hunting in a graveyard in Evertt – though in other towns that’s legal, but likely uncouth – and you need to use your real name to check into a hotel.


NJ strange laws

New Jersey: Bulletproof Vests

If you’re going to commit a crime, don’t wear a bulletproof vest. In New Jersey, a person wearing a bulletproof vest while carrying out a criminal act can be charged separately for “suiting up.”


NM weird laws

New Mexico: No Tripping Horses

In NM, you can be charged with a misdemeanor if you trip a horse.


NY bizarre laws

New York: The Real You

The Empire State bans being masked – or in any manner disguised in public. They also don’t like groups of people all dressed the same way. I do wonder what Halloween is like in NY if this is enforced…

And, like Michigan, adultery is still illegal in NY. Punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.


NC odd laws

North Carolina: Don’t Use Elephants To Plow Cotton Fields

In NC, elephants can’t be used to plow cotton fields. But other fields seem to be okay. Just no cotton, so don’t even think about it.


ND odd laws

North Dakota: Take Your Shoes Off

In ND, it’s illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on. Though whether this is in private or public, the law doesn’t say. It also doesn’t say if it would be legal to sleep in public with your shoes off.

In any case, we’re thinking your sidewalk nap will be rudely interrupted.


Ohio bizarre laws

Ohio: We Need The TP

In Ohio, every operator of an underground coal mine must provide “an adequate supply of toilet paper for each toilet.” While this kinda makes sense, there are a lot more questions than answers.

Like what is an “adequate supply”? What happened to make this a law? And what is going on in Ohio’s coal mines?


Oklahoma bizarre laws

Oklahoma: Just The Facts

The state statute in Oklahoma still says, “It is a fact that there exists an internal communist conspiracy. Such a conspiracy constitutes a clear and present danger to the government of the United States and to the state.”


Oregon strange law

Oregon: Don’t Throw Fecal Matter

If you’re traveling with bottled pee in Oregon, you cannot throw it out of your vehicle or leave it on the side of the road. This is a class A misdemeanor. The same is true for fecal matter… Which leaves us with a similar question that we had for Ohio… What is going on with Oregon?

And why do you have fecal matter in a container that you’re throwing out your car window?

In addition, you can also be fined for leaving your car door open for too long. This is something that has to do with cyclists being annoyed by car drivers. Which isn’t as uncommon as you think it is.

However, how long you can actually leave your car door open for is unclear.


PA odd law

Pennsylvania: No Baby Sales

Human trafficking is a serious issue. Not just in Pennsylvania, or the states, but around the world. However, Pennsylvania felt the need to make it a misdemeanor to attempt to order – or sell – a baby. Though whether this is in addition to other charges or a standalone charge, the law doesn’t seem clear on.

What makes this law weird isn’t that you can’t buy or sell babies, that’s being a decent person. What makes it weird is that it’s a misdemeanor.


rhode island bizarre law

Rhode Island: No Biting Off  Limbs

You cannot – I repeat, cannot – bite off someone’s limb in Rhode Island. So take note.

If you do bite off someone’s limb in Rhode Island, you’re looking at 1 to 20 years worth of prison time. And a huge mouth, because that seems difficult to accomplish with a human-sized mouth. That is… unless you’re part of a zombie hoard.


SC odd law

South Carolina: Don’t Lie To Her About Marriage

In South Carolina, a male over the age of 16 can’t seduce a woman by falsely promising to marry her. However, a woman could falsely seduce a male by promising to marry him.

In either case, a man found guilty will be charged with a misdemeanor and possibly fined or imprisoned for no more than one year.


South Dakota strange law

South Dakota: Keep In On The Beds, Please

In South Dakota, every hotel must have twin beds two feet apart, and “thou shalt not make love between the beds.” Which is fair because they did give you two beds.


Tennessee strange law

Tennessee: Don’t Speak Of The Gateway To Sex

In Tennessee, they have a law for teachers that prohibits talking about “the gateways to sex.” This gateway includes things like kissing and holding.


Texas Bizarre Law

Texas: No Atheists In Office

If you’re an atheist, you can’t run for office in Texas.

People wishing to run for office in TX must acknowledge “the supreme being.” If not, they could be subjected to religious testing… Whatever that is. You don’t have to believe in any particular God, but you do have to believe in some sort of superior being.


UT odd laws

Utah: Stay away, Mike Tyson

In Utah you cannot hurl a missile at a bus or a bus terminal… unless you’re a peace officer or security personnel.

Another UT law; you can’t bite people while boxing.


VT bizarre laws

Vermont: You’re Banned From Banning That

In Vermont, there’s a law that bans banning clotheslines. That means that towns, neighborhoods, and communities can’t ban the use of clotheslines in Vermont… Because that’s banned. According to the Vermont state legislature, clotheslines are listed as energy devices based on renewable resources.


Virginia strange law

Virginia: Wait ‘Til You’re Married

In Virginia, there’s a law saying fornication (IE: sex) is completely banned unless you’re married. Technically, it’s still punishable as a misdemeanor. Though we’re assuming no unmarried couples are formally charged with the crime of “unmarried fornication.”


Washington bizarre laws

Washington: Leave Bigfoot Alone

It’s a law in Washington that you cannot attach a vending machine to a utility pole without prior consent from the utility company. Additionally, killing bigfoot was a felony at one point and punishable by five years in prison.

Now, the law’s been amended to say bigfoot is an endangered species and, thus, killing and trapping bigfoot is still illegal under the Washington wildlife laws.


West Virginia strange laws

West Virginia: Don’t Hunt With Ferrets

In West Virginia, you can’t use ferrets to hunt. Anyone who hunts, catches, takes, kills, injures, or pursues a wild animal or bird with a ferret will face a fine of no less than $100. And up to 100 days in jail.

This might sound odd, but ferrets are skilled hunters who are used to hunt rabbits and birds in many parts of the world. Yes, including parts of the US.


Wisconsin weird law

Wisconsin: Gross Cheese Is Punishable

Wisconsin takes cheese seriously.

According to Wisconsin state legislature, non-tasty cheese is technically a punishable offense. According to the law, state-certified cheeses like Munster, cheddar, colby, and Monterey jack must be “highly pleasing.”


Wyoming bizarre law

Wyoming: No Shooting Fish In A Barrel

In Wyoming, it’s illegal to injure a fish with a firearm. Whether the weapon actually has to be fired or not, the law doesn’t say. In any case, you literally can’t shoot fish in a barrel.


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