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At Fault

Regarding auto insurance, a driver whose conduct is held legally responsible for causing an accident.

Anti-Theft Device

A range of technologies intended to deter auto theft, such as a car alarm. Equipping vehicles with anti-theft devices often lead to a discount on insurance premiums.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

The onboard system controlled by a vehicle’s computer that assists the manual braking system, helping a driver safely stop or slow a vehicle without skidding or losing control.

Agreed Value

Concerning auto insurance, the amount the policyholder and the insurance company decide will be paid in the event of an accident that results in a total loss of the insured vehicle.

Agreed Cost

Regarding auto insurance, the price agreed to by the claimant’s chosen auto repair shop and the insurance adjuster to complete the work necessary to fix the damage to a vehicle.

Additional Interest Insured

Concerning auto insurance, a party, such as a lienholder, who does not necessarily use the vehicle, but may nonetheless be named as an Additional Interest Insured and held liable for an accident involving

Accident Forgiveness

A form of optional auto insurance coverage wherein the insurer waves its right to increase the rate of the policyholder at fault of an accident.


This applies to the setting forth of a complaint or the defense against a complaint in separate clauses or articles that each specify a particular issue in the case.


contrary to the evidence given. The verdict will not be supported by any evidence given.


The guarantee in a sale that has no attached conditions. It is a total and permanent warranty.


a posse or a group of civilians that are armed and authorised by an official officer of the peace in the community to aid in capturing criminals and to prevent crime.


Any accident that is beyond the scope of being prevented by people. See act of God.


the term used when an attempt to cause harm to a person has been carried out.


A cause that is unforeseen and is unable to avoid even after exercising all extreme care and diligence.


Any death that is due to an accident and not from any natural causes. It is an unexpected and not anticipated death.


Any hurtful language that can cause mental anguish and can be the grounds for a divorce.


This when you plead again after the defects in your presentation have been pointed out to you by the opposite party. Id is also known as pleading over or respondeat ouster.