Finding a Missing Person for Free

One of the most devastating things that can happen to anyone is the disappearance of a loved one. Neither the pain nor the questions fade whether it is a recent disappearance or an occurrence that happened long ago. Sometimes one is searching for a missing person who is simply an old acquaintance that can no longer be found. In any case, it can be possible to seek a missing person without paying the fees associated with private investigators.

<h3>File a Missing Person’s Report</h3>
The first step is always to file a missing person’s report. In instances of a missing child or other emergencies, call 911. A search will take place that will hopefully uncover the missing person. However, if there is no reason to suspect foul play and the missing person is an adult, it is likely to be necessary to visit a police station in the jurisdiction where the person last lived. The person will then be entered into a database that is accessible by other police departments throughout the country.

<h3>Circulate Photographs on Social Media</h3>
Facebook has become a popular tool for locating missing people. Runaways may set up Facebook pages or stay active on their previous ones, which can put loved ones in contact with them. However, many more times, it is more effective to circulate a picture with as many details as possible. Include identifying marks, the clothing they were last known to wear, and last known location. Even the smallest bit of information can lead to finding the person. Last, put out a call to action to spread the photograph around the web. Photos can reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the country within a matter of hours.

<h3>Utilize a Missing Persons Database</h3>
The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs, is used by law enforcement officials throughout the country to help find missing people and identify the remains of those who have been found. Anyone can view the database and those who register with NamUs can add their own information. NamUs is run by the U.S. Department of Justice.

<h3>Take Out a Free Ad</h3>
Sites like Craigslist offer free ads that serve a variety of purposes. One of these is to locate missing people. Craft an ad with a picture and place it in sites like these in every area where the person may be. Include a link to a website or social media page and urge people to share the information in person and online. Remember to keep track of where the ads were placed so they can be removed when the person is found.

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