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How Does Escrow Work?

When someone is going through the home loan process, homebuyers typically ask many questions, and one of the most common questions is regarding an escrow account. What is it? What is the

What is a Credit Freeze?

Are you concerned about freezing your credit or even identity theft? Some consumers have chosen to make that decision for their safety because many people have fallen victim to identity theft due

What is the Security Exchange Commission?

The market structure is constantly changing, and new challenges have to be dealt with. There are dishonest individuals out there, and the marketplace creates those rules to protect everybody and create fairness.

Legalities Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often lauded as innovative technology with a promising future. Decentralized and offering full transparency per transaction, some have welcomed cryptocurrency as a method of exchange, while others

Four Curious Facts About Blue Sky Laws

Blue sky laws are state laws and regulations that are meant to protect potential investors from investing in securities–like bonds and stocks–that may be highly risky or even fraudulent. These blue sky

What Your Credit Report Says About You

Whenever you apply for a credit card, submit a loan application to a bank, apply for a mortgage to buy a house, or finance the purchase of a car, the lender uses


Percent of the total work force that is unemployed and looking for paid work.


The situation arising when payment made outside of the country are greater than payments received by a company. Also known as balance of payment deficit.


Law detailing how to proceed when both the beneficiary and the insured died in an accident and it can’t be determined who died first.