What is FORM?

1. A model or skeleton of an instrument to be used in a judicial proceeding,containing the principal necessary matters, the proper technical terms or phrases, andwhatever else is necessary to make it formally correct, arranged in proper and methodicalorder, and capable of being adapted to the circumstances of the specific case.2. As distinguished from “substance,” “form” means the legal or technical manner ororder to be observed in legal instruments or juridical proceedings, or In the constructionof legal documents or processes.The distinction between “form” and “substance” is often important in reference tothe validity or amendment of pleadings. If the matter of the plea is bad or insufficient,irrespective of the manner of setting it forth, thedefect is one of substance. If the matter of the plea is good and sufficient, but isinartificially or defectively pleaded, the defect is one of form. Pierson v. Insurance Co.,7 Houst. (Del.) 307, 31 Atl. 060.

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