What is CALL, N?

1. In English law. The election of students to the degree of barrister at law, hence the ceremony or epoch of election, and the number of persons elected. 2. In conveyancing. A visible natural object or landmark designated In a patent, entry. grant, or other conveyance of lands, as a limit or boundary to the land described with which the points of surveying must cor respond. Also the courses and distances designated. King v. Watkins (C. C.) 98 Fed. 922; Stockton v. Morris, 39 W. Va. 432, 19 S. E. 531. 3. In corporation law. A demand made by the directors of a stock company upon the persons who have subscribed for shares, requiring a certain portion or installment of the amount subscribed to be paid in. The word, in this sense, in synonymous with “assessment,” (q. v.) A call is an assessment on shares of stock, usually for uupaid installments of the subscription thereto. The word is said to be capable of three meanings: (1) The resolution of the directors to levy the assessment; (2) its notification to the persons liable to pay; (3) the time when it becomes payable. Railway Co. v. Mitchell, 4 Exch. 543; Hatch v. Dana, 101 U. S. 205, 25 L. Ed. 8S5; Railroad Co. v. Spreckles, 05 Cal. 193, 3 Pac. 001, 802; Stewart v. Pub. Co., 1 Wash. St. 521, 20 Pac. 605. 4. In the language of the stock exchange, a “call” is an option to claim stock at a fixed price on a certain day. White v. Treat (C. C.) 100 Fed. 290; Lumber Co. v. Whitebreast Coal Co., 160 111. 85, 43 N. E. 774, 31 L R. A. 529.

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