Requirements For Canadian-American Dual Citizenship

With the mobility, job opportunities and wealth of modern families, the possibilities of dual citizenship are becoming increasingly lucrative. The United States and Canada share language, history, culture, geography and currency. Here are the requirements for Canadian-American Dual Citizenship.

Commons Methods for Becoming a Citizen

Both the United States and Canada follow the Anglo Law system. Thus, the following are the primary ways to gain citizenship in these countries: 1) birth in the nation, 2) marriage or 3) naturalization. For normal citizenship, most people were both born and reside in the same country.

Due to the conveniences of modern travel and common economic systems, more people are able to emigrate to other nations. They might meet someone online or read about a job opportunity in another country. The modern world enables people to move to another country within a matter of hours or days.

The most common issue of Dual Citizenship is when someone was born in one country and resides in another for his or her job. The United States and Canada share borders, entertainment and important infrastructure, like railroads. In the modern culture, there are very few barriers between an American or Canadian working in either country.

Allegiance to Two Nations

In order to gain Canadian-American Dual Citizenship, an applicant must have citizenship in one country and gain citizenship from the other through birth, marriage or naturalization. Extended residency is also a possibility, but will also require the naturalization process.

The Canadian Citizenship Act of 1947 is applicable to determine the requirements for Dual Citizenship. It largely affects the previous British citizens who resided in Canada and who were now given the option of becoming fully Canadian.

The United States and Canada both acknowledge jus soli citizenship based on being born in the country. The United States citizenship law is basically incarnated in the United States Constitution.

Those who have Canadian-American Dual Citizenship benefit from easier travel regulations, but must still hold an American passport and a Canadian passport. The holder of Dual Citizenship also must obey both nation’s laws, which can be difficult since there are points of disagreement. Check with your local government office and ensure that you express your desire for Dual Citizenship without renouncing your citizenship.

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