What is EACH?

A distributive adjective pronoun, which denotes or refers to every one of thepersons or things mentioned; every one of two or more persons or things, composingthe whole, separately considered. The effect of this word, used in the covenants of a’bond, is to create a several obligation. Seller v. State, 160 Ind. 605, 67 N. E. 448;Knickerbocker v. People, 102 111. 233; Costi- gan v. Lunt, 104 Mass. 219.Eadem causa diversis rationibns coram judicibus ecclesiasticis et aeculari- busventilatur. 2 Inst. 622. The same cause is argued upon different principles beforeecclesiastical and secular judges.Eadem est ratio, eadem est lex. Thesame reason, the same law. Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge, 7 Pick. (Mass.) 493.Eadem mens praesnmitur regis quae est juris et quae esse debet, praesertim indubiis. Hob. 154. The mind of the sovereign is presumed to be coincident with that ofthe law, and with that which it ought to be, especially in ambiguous matters.

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