What is SI ITA EST?

Lat. If it be so. Emphatic words in the old writ of mandamus to a judge, commanding him, if the fact alleged be truly stated, (si ita est,) to affix his seal to a bill of exceptions. Ex parte Crane, 5 Pet. 192, 8 L. Ed. 92. Si meliores sunt quos ducit amor, plures sunt quos corrigit timor. If those are better who are led by love, those are the greater number who are corrected by fear. Co. Litt. 392. Si non appareat quid actum est, erii conseqnens nt id sequamur quod in regions in qua actum est frequentatnr. If it does not appear what was agreed upon, the consequence will be that we must fol- low that which is the usage of the place where the agreement was made. Dig. 50. 17, 34.

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