What is HOLD?

v. 1. To possess in virtue of a lawful title; as In the expression, common ingrants, “to have and to hold,” or in that applied to notes, “the owner and holder.”Thompson v. Samlford. 13 Ga. 241; Bank of Michigan v. Xiles, 1 Doug. (Mich.) 407. 41Am. Dec. 575; Stansbury v. Ilubner, 73 Md. 22S, 20 Atl. 904, 11 L. R. A. 204, 25 Am.St. Rep. 584.2. To be the grantee or tenant of another; to take or have an estate from another.Properly, to have an estate on condition of paying rent, or performing service.3. To adjudge or decide, spoken of a court, particularly to declare the conclusion oflaw reached by the court as to the legal effect of the facts disclosed.4. To maintain or sustain; to be under the necessity or duty of sustaining or proving; as when it is said that a party “holds the atlirmative” or negative of an issue in a cause.5. To bind or obligate; to restrain or constrain ; to keep in custody or under an obligation;as in the phrases “hold to bail.” “hold for court,” “held and firmly bound,” etc.6. To administer; to conduct or preside at; to convoke, open, and direct the operationsof; as to hold a court, hold pleas, etc. Smith v. People, 47 N. Y. 334.7. To prosecute; to direct and bring about officially; to conduct according to law; asto hold an election.8. To possess; to occupy; to be in possession and administration of; as to holdoffice.

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