What is OFFER?

1. To bring to or before; to present for acceptance or rejection; to hold out or proffer; to make a proposal to; to exhibit something that may be taken or received or not. Morrison v. Springer, 15 Iowa, 340; Vincent v. Woodland Oil Co., 105 Pa. 402, 30 Atl. 991; People v. Ah Fook, 62 Cal. 494. 2. To attempt or endeavor; to make an effort to effect some object; in this sense used principally in criminal law. Com. v. Harris, 1 Beg. Gaz. R. (Pa.) 457. 3. In trial practice, to “offer” evidence is to state its nature and purport, or to recite what is expected to be proved by a given witness or document, and demand its admission. Unless under exceptional circumstances, the term is not to be taken as equivalent to “introduce.” See Ansley v. Meikle, 81 Ind. 200; Lyon v. Davis, 111 Ind. 384, 12 N. E. 714; Harris v. Tomlinson, 130 Ind. 420, 30 N. E. 214.

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