What is SUBJECT?

In logic. That concerning which the affirmation in a proposition is made; the first word in a proposition. An individual matter considered as the object of legislation. The constitutions of several of the states require that every act of the legislature shall relate to but one subject, which shall be expressed in the title of the statute. See Ex parte Thomas, 113 Ala. 1, 21 South. 369; In re Mayer, 50 N. Y. 504; State v. County Treasurer, 4 S. C. 528; John- sou v. Harrison, 47 Minn. 577, 50 N. W. 923, 28 Am. St. Rep. 382. In constitutional law. One that owes allegiance to a sovereign and is governed by his laws. The natives of Great Britain are subjects of the British government. Men in free governments are subjects as well as citizens; as citizens they enjoy rights and franchises; as subjects they are bound to obey the laws. Webster. The term is little used, in this sense, in countries enjoying a republican form of government See The Pizarro, 2 Wheat. 245, 4 L. Ed. 226; U. S. v. Wong Kim Ark, 109 U. S. G49, 18 Sup. Ct. 456, 42 L. Ed. 890. In Scotch law. The thing which is the object of an agreement SUBJECTION 1116 SUBROGATION

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