What is BAN?

1. In old English and civil law. A proclamation; a public notice; the announcement of an intended marriage. Cowell. An excommunication; a curse, publicly pronounced. A proclamation of silence made by a crier in court before the meeting of champions in combat. Id. A statute, edict, or command; a fine, or penalty. 2. In French law. The right of announcing the time of mowing, reaping, and gathering the vintage, exercised by certain seignorial lords. Guyot, Repert. Univ. 3. An expanse; an extent of space or territory ; a space inclosed within certain limits; the limits or bounds themselves. Spelman. 4. A privileged space or territory around a town, monastery, or other place. 5. In old European law. A military standard; a thing unfurled, a banner. Spelman. A summoning to a standard; a calling out of a military force; the force itself so summoned; a national army levied by proclamation.

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