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What are the requirements for a hardship license in Texas?

What are the requirements for a hardship license in Texas

A hardship license is granted to Texas residents who are between the ages of 15 to 18 who were able to complete an approved driver training course and who were able to provide proof of the need to drive.

The following are the reasons for granting a hardship license which is as follows:

  1. That the applicant’s family faces an unusual economic hardship and that they are being deprived of the basic necessities of life;
  2. That the applicant has a sick family member who needs transportation to medical treatment or that the applicant must drive the ill family member to keep the household running;
  3. That the applicant is enrolled in a vocational education program;
  4. That an immediate family member has died and that the remaining members of the family need the applicant to drive them temporarily to carry on the household routines.

requirements for a hardship license in Texas

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For the first reason, the applicant must show that he or she have met the conditions set forth by law such as: that the applicant is married and he maintains his own household away from his parents or guardians, the applicant is the head of the household, he has dependent children and is responsible for their care, that applicant is the only member of the household who is eligible to drive, that the head of the household is away making it necessary for the applicant to maintain the household, that there will be a difficulty for the other members of the family to drive the applicant to his school and place of work, that there is no school bus or other public transportation available to bring the applicant to his school and that the applicant works at his parent’s farm, which is the source of the family’s support.

In order for the applicant to qualify based on the fact that a family member is ill and needs to be driven to a treatment facility, the former must provide a signed statement from a family doctor verifying that the sick member of the family should not be allowed to drive because of his health condition.

If the applicant is filing the application based on the fact that he is attending avocational school, he must provide a letter from the school principal which certifies that the applicant is enrolled and that the course is eligible for academic credit approved by the Texas Education Code and that the applicant needs to drive in order to attend the course.