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Three Types of Rehabilitation for Offenders

In the modern justice system, great emphasis has been placed on rehabilitating offenders so that they become productive members of society. Legal experts and society at large have largely recognized that punishment

Three Times Exigent Circumstances Exist

Exigent circumstances refer to times when a law enforcement officer can make a warrantless search or seizure. Because a warrantless search potentially violates the Fourth Amendment, which otherwise protects people from unreasonable

4 Essential Things to Know About Habeas Corpus

Fundamental to almost any democracy, a writ of habeas corpus is widely considered one of the most basic protections citizens have against unchecked state power. While habeas corpus is a fundamental component

Statute of Limitations on Arrest Warrants

Being charged with a crime needs to be taken seriously. For those who have been issued an arrest warrant, it is extremely important that they respond to it in the appropriate manner.

Pursuing Damages in Statutory Rape Cases

For a growing number of victims of statutory rape, the pursuit of justice has taken the form of civil lawsuits. Because the standard of evidence in civil lawsuits is lower than in

How To Find Someone’s Probation Officer

Many people receive probation instead of jail time in criminal cases. They must comply with certain regulations in accordance with their probation, otherwise, they could receive new charges or be sent to

The Reality of Criminal Profiling

When the mysterious serial killer Jack the Ripper roamed through the gritty and foggy streets of London in the 19th century, detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department of London’s Metropolitan Police were

Laws Against Downloading Music

Video may have killed the radio star, but the Internet killed the record store. The music industry has not been the same ever since a file sharing software application called Napster was

How To Send Care Packages For Inmates

If someone you love is incarcerated, you may feel helpless. Although you may not be able to see your friend or family member very often, there is one way you can comfort

What Is The Role Of A Defense Attorney?

In the U.S. justice system, everyone is entitled to a vigorous legal defense. In most cases, this defense is headed up by an experienced defense attorney. However, many people don’t really know

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