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Do DUIs Carry Over Into Different States?

Short answer is: “Not automatically, but very likely”. There are several reasons for that answer. One reason is that there is now a consortium for sharing “driving under the influence” (DUI) convictions and most of our fair fifty states in our union are members of this DUI information consortium. One person lists the states that are members and not members. One particular point to make about this list is that it lists only DUI convictions, not arrests.

A second reason for the short answer is that most of the member states will use the fact that the offender in front of them, having DUI convictions in other states treats the offender as if the prior convictions had occurred in their state. One can see where this is going. A tidal wave of bad result is rushing in fast.

A third reason for the answer is that, as one can expect, even the member states handle DUIs that occur out of state differently. As an example, we will look at California. Several contributors related that the state of California will investigate out of state DUIs to determine if the reasons and criteria for the convictions are in line with the reasons and criteria for DUI convictions in California. If so, the out of state convictions will be counted like a California DUI. But, if not in line, the CA courts will ignore the out of state convictions. Realize that this is California and not all states think like this state does. Several states will take out of state DUI convictions just as if the DUI occurred in their jurisdiction, regardless of the criteria.

A fourth reason is that once the state in which the latest DUI occurred gets done with you, you may have to face repercussions in your own state. A jurisdiction other than the state that issued your license cannot take away that license. However, it can revoke a person’s right to drive in the offended jurisdiction. It can impose jail time. Then, when the offender arrives back in the home state, license loss, revocation of a suspended sentence if the DUI breaks some accord you had with the courts, suspended jail time becomes reinstated are just some of the things that can await that offender back at home.

Several people made several statements that provided interesting, diverse news around DUIs.
Also came up with a probation officer’s site. This officer explains what is likely to happen following an arrest for DUI out of state. In some states, the offender can negotiate to serve penalties in his / her home state. Different states have different rules with different leniencies. Again, there is some interesting and possibly worthwhile reading online.

As always, the first thing to do when faced with a DUI charge is to consult with a DUI lawyer in whatever jurisdiction the DUI occurred. Also, attend out of state court hearings. Skip a hearing and a bench warrant will be issued. Some states will extradite if requested.