3rd DUI: Can I get a SCRAM Anklet Instead of Going to Jail?

Can I get a SCRAM Anklet Instead of Going to Jail?

What is a SCRAM Bracelet?
A scram bracelet is an alcohol monitoring system that is worn by an offender during the duration of his probation in order to make sure the offender follows his court-ordered abstinence. The bracelet is created so it cannot be taken off by the offender and analyzes the offender’s blood alcohol level and predetermined times.

How Does a SCRAM Bracelet Work?
A SCRAM bracelet must be worn by the offender 24 hours a day. Every 30 minutes the bracelet will take a reading of the offender’s:

  1. Blood alcohol level
  2. Store all of the data

The device timestamps and dates all of the data. The offender is not required to do anything other than wear the bracelet and it does not do much in terms of disrupting their daily routines. The bracelet does feature a number of sensors in order to detect any attempts to tamper or remove the device.

How Does a SCRAM Bracelet Work

Why the SCRAM Bracelet?
The SCRAM bracelet was created because of how overpopulated and expensive jails already are. By wearing a SCRAM Bracelet DUI offenders can be required to wear the bracelet instead of being put in jail. These bracelets save the city money and open up more room in the jail for criminals with more severe charges.

The sole purpose of SCRAM Bracelets was to provide an alternative to locking people up with DUI’s. If an individual has a 3rd DUI, whether or not they can get a SCRAM Anklet/Bracelet instead of going to jail depends on their record and where they live. In the end, it is going to be the judge’s decision on whether or not an anklet/bracelet is enough. Due to the fact that the reason for creating SCRAM bracelets and anklets was to prevent the number of individuals with DUI’s hogging up the jail funds and space, there is a strong possibility of receiving an anklet instead of going to jail.

sole purpose of SCRAM Bracelets

Will I Go to Jail for a Misdemeanor?

Important Things To Note
The judge has the final say on whether or not you do jail time for your DUI. Most judges will use your record and background in order to make the decision. If your DUI’s are close together, the judge may think that a bracelet is not enough to resolve your problems with alcohol. If your DUI’s are far apart or your record is otherwise clean, the judge may see you as a fit candidate for a bracelet.

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