What is VIR?

Lat A man, especially as marking the sex. In the Latin phrases and maxims of the old English law, this word generally means “husband,” the expression i-ir et uxor corresponding to the law French baron et feme. Vir et uxor censentur in lege una persona. Jenk. Cent 27. Husband and wife are considered one person in law. Vir et uxor sunt quasi unica persona, quia caro et sanguis unus; res licet sit propria uxoris, vir tamen ejus custos, cum sit caput mulieris. Co. Litt 112. Man and wife are, as it were, one person, because only one flesh and blood; although the property may be the wife’s, the husband is keeper of it, since he is the head of the wife. Vir militans Deo non implicetur secu- laribus negotiis. Co. Litt. 70. A man fighting for God must not be involved in secular business.

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