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What Does Emancipation Mean?

In the United States of America, a child is considered a minor until they reach 18 years old. Before that time, it is up to their parents or guardians to make decisions

How Does Escrow Work?

When someone is going through the home loan process, homebuyers typically ask many questions, and one of the most common questions is regarding an escrow account. What is it? What is the

What is Racketeering?

There are various crimes involving racketeering, and many famous individuals in society are being charged with this crime. Racketeering can sometimes also be a complex charge that carries severe punishments and jail

How To Get an EIN Number

An EIN (employee identification number) is required for any company that has employees, or if you’re planning to start your own business, it is also necessary to have one. EINs are also

What is a Credit Freeze?

Are you concerned about freezing your credit or even identity theft? Some consumers have chosen to make that decision for their safety because many people have fallen victim to identity theft due

The 14th Amendment Explained

The 14th amendment is a constitutional amendment that defines citizenship, equal protection and due process for all people in the United States. These rights are given to anyone who lives on American

What is the Security Exchange Commission?

The market structure is constantly changing, and new challenges have to be dealt with. There are dishonest individuals out there, and the marketplace creates those rules to protect everybody and create fairness.

Should I Freeze My Credit?

There have been many questions about security freezes, and daily, millions of Americans fall victim to breaches of secure data. Many people may wonder what they should do about it and the

Living Will – The Pros & Cons You Need to Know

Medical situations happen unexpectedly, and unfortunately, many of us could face a medical emergency someday. However, in some medical emergencies, patients cannot declare to their loved ones or doctors what treatments they

What does it mean to be acquitted? 

What is an acquittal? In criminal law, an acquittal means that the accused is free from the charge and it occurs in a criminal case where a defendant is found not guilty

Forming an LLC in Missouri

Looking for form an LLC? This type of business structure has become exceedingly popular in the past years because of its simplicity and flexibility. There are various reasons why millions of businesses

Double Jeopardy Law

You may have heard about the double jeopardy law by watching crime and justice shows like Law & Order, but perhaps you may not know how it works in the real world.

How To Take Someone To Small Claims Court

Small claims courts deal with many cases, and lawsuits can be filed against people, corporations, partnerships, or other entities. Each state also sets the maximum amount that individuals can sue in a

What is Jury Nullification?

Jurors not only can determine whether someone is innocent or guilty of a crime, but they also have the power to determine whether the law under which an individual is being prosecuted

Guide to Court Ordered Mediation

People often go to court to resolve their disputes, but the court process can sometimes be long and stressful with no agreeable results by either party. Mediation can be one of the

The Exclusionary Rule

The United States Constitution was drafted to protect some of the very freedoms that we enjoy today. In this article, we will take a look at one of the legal rules based