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What Does Emancipation Mean?

Before minor children reach adulthood, parents or legal guardians make decisions for them. Sometimes, minors can gain control over their lives earlier by seeking “emancipation.” Below, we’ll discuss the who, when, where,

How to Get Small Business Grants for Felons

Having a felony on your criminal record can make finding employment difficult. Employment background checks can reach back many years. Though many businesses do hire felons, it may be more appealing to

What Is Breach of Contract?

Ever made a deal with someone who didn’t hold up their end of the bargain? Or, maybe you’ve failed to perform your end of a contract, and you’ve been sued for a

What Is Racketeering?

You may be familiar with racketeering in the context of prosecuting mafia groups like the Genovese and Gambino crime families and the Chicago Outfit. In addition to numerous prosecutions of organized crime,

What Is Legal Aid?

If you need legal guidance but can’t afford to pay full price for an attorney’s help, you may benefit from working with a legal aid society. This guide answers the question, “What

What Is Discovery in Law? A Guide for Non-Lawyers

If you’re facing litigation, you may be wondering, What is discovery in law? The term ‘discovery‘ refers to the lengthy, often-invasive pre-trial investigation phase in which parties request evidence from each other

7 Ways to Legally Void a Contract

U.S. law defines a contract as a legally binding agreement that places mutual obligations on the involved parties. Failure to stick to the terms of a contract can result in serious consequences.

What Is a Demand Letter?

It’s a common belief that legal disputes are resolved within the four walls of a courtroom. In truth, most disputes are settled before a judge or jury is asked to decide a

How to Expunge Your Record: Guide and FAQ

Having a criminal or arrest record can make some of the basic functions in life more challenging. From securing a new job, renting an apartment, or gaining custody of your child, your

How Does a Cell Phone Contract Work?

Cell phones are everywhere these days, and each person that uses a cell phone has some version of a cell phone contract. These mini-computers are complex — but understanding how your contract

What Is a Felony Charge?

Most of us have watched TV legal dramas and wondered, What is a felony charge? A felony is a type of criminal act more severe than a misdemeanor. People convicted of felonies

What Is a Holographic Will?

A will is an essential legal document that clarifies what happens to an individual’s assets after they die. It defines the assets that compose the estate, the beneficiaries, the executor, the caretaker

What Is a Promissory Note? A Legal Guide

If you’ve ever taken out a loan, you have probably signed a promissory note. A promissory note defined is a legal document that is a promise of payment. Promissory notes are often

What Are the Miranda Rights?

“You have the right to remain silent.” These seven words begin the Miranda warning. And if you’ve ever been arrested or watched a crime drama on television, you know the police must

How Does a Land Contract Work?

When real estate markets become temperamental, would-be homebuyers seek new and better ways to finance a property purchase. This situation leaves these potential buyers wondering how does a land contract work —

How Long Is a Life Sentence?

When a judge sentences a defendant to life in prison, this doesn’t always mean that the individual who was convicted of criminal wrongdoing will remain in prison for the rest of their

How Does Escrow Work? 5 Things to Know

One common term that often comes up during the home buying process is escrow. In this article, we’ll discuss five things to know about escrow and answer the question, how does escrow

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