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Nepotism, Cronyism, & Favoritism: Illegal Or Unethical?

Nepotism in its simplest form is showing favoritism towards relatives. On the other hand, the less commonly thrown around (yet more commonly occurring) cronyism, is showing favoritism towards friends, associates, or colleagues.

How To Report A Scammer To The Police

If you’ve ever been scammed, you may feel hopeless. Scam artists have many tactics up their sleeves, from selling counterfeit goods to stealing your information online. Sadly, the majority of people have

How To Sue A Company

There are many reasons why someone may want to sue a company, whether that is for a breach of contract, an injury, or another wrongdoing on the business’ behalf. The people that

How To Fire An Employee The Right Way

Firing an employee is one of the most challenging aspects of business, regardless of the situation. As an employer, preparing to deliver the bad news can feel overwhelming, especially if you have

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

Knowing how to find out if someone is married can save time, money, and heartache. This information is crucial for single people who are dating but can also be useful for things

How To Find Out Who Owns A Property

There are many reasons someone may be curious about who owns a property. Maybe you have spotted a home that you would love to purchase, so you want to reach out to

How To Find Out If Someone Died

Knowing how to find out if someone died may come in handy someday. Certainly, asking a person’s closest relatives is the most tried and true method. Doing so can also be one

What Does Disposed Mean In A Court Case?

When a case has been disposed, this means it has been closed. Specific reasons for a case being closed can include dismissal, conviction, admission of guilt, among other reasons. Once a case

States With The Death Penalty

Today, there are 29 states with the death penalty – although some currently have a moratorium (a temporary cessation) on executions as of 2019.

Signing a Letter on Someone Else’s Behalf

Sometimes in the business world, it’s necessary for office staff to sign a letter on someone else’s behalf, such as the manager or company president. This usually happens when the manager or

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