Finding Free Criminal Arrest Warrant Search Online

There are many reasons why you might want to search for your own or someone else’s criminal arrest warrant status. If you are hiring someone or plan to be in a relationship, checking to make sure they have no warrants out for their arrest is sound personal safety practice.

It is also a good idea to keep track of your own status, because sometimes you may have a warrant and you don’t realize it. It is better to become aware of your status from the safety of your own home than while driving to work. If you forgot to pay a fine several years ago, unbeknownst to you that fine may have become an active warrant, meaning that a broken taillight could be your ticket to jail.

By finding your arrest warrant status, you can prepare yourself, consult with a defense lawyer and plan on sorting the situation out on your own terms rather than being surprised by the situation.

Free Options Offline

One method that people use to find free criminal arrest warrant status is to contact the city, county, state or federal courthouse and ask if there are any warrants out for the arrest of a particular person. The only problem with this option is that it is neither comprehensive nor always timely. Some court systems will only send arrest warrant status by mail, which may take up to two weeks.

Get it Faster for Free Online

While there are many paid websites for criminal arrest warrants, there are also a wide variety of free options. Some court systems have their public records available online for immediate free access, while others require only a minimal payment. This is the most reliable way to check your warrant status, as it comes straight from the source.

If your particular county or municipality doesn’t offer free public records, you should look for a website with a .org or .gov extension that offers free criminal arrest warrant search. You can also search reviews or testimonials of the website to see if it is truly worth it, or you can simply fill in the information and do a search. Be wary of websites that ask for a Social Security Number. Your name, address and potentially date of birth should always be sufficient.

If this doesn’t turn up any information, you could try a last ditch effort and simply type the person’s name and state into a search engine next to “arrest warrant” and see if something comes up. Sometimes one method may provide clues that could help with another method such as finding a person’s address, business information or other useful details.

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