How to Know if You Have Warrants in Texas

One way to know if you have a warrant in Texas is to go to the website Choose warrants then choose Texas. Here you can search the entire state of Texas or you can search by county.

Searching All of Texas

When searching by the entire state, you can choose child support evaders and search by alphabet. Everyone with a warrant out for unpaid child support is here. Pictures of the fugitives are included along with identifying details and the amount of child support owed.

Another option when searching by state is to choose one of three DEA Most Wanted links. In Texas, the DEA is divided into three geographic areas. Selecting one of these areas brings up an alphabetical list of those wanted on drug charges. This section includes photos, what laws have been violated, and personal details.

Searching by County

Simply choose the county you want to search. Each county may display their results differently. Here are two examples.

When you choose Austin County all that is provided by each picture is their name and their warrant number.

If you choose Jefferson County, you can click on the initial of the person’s last name. Lists of people appear providing a warrant number and basic information on the type of warrant.


The website is easy to use. You can simply type in your last name or a city. When you search by last name, everyone with your last name with an outstanding warrant across the nation will appear in a list. Typing in a city will provide results of everyone in that city with a warrant.

Search by County

If you know what county may have a warrant out for your arrest, try searching for the county’s official website. Once you reach the county’s website, look for an option to search for warrants.

Call or Visit the Sheriff’s Office

You can call or stop by the sheriff’s office to see if you have a warrant. Be prepared to be arrested if you visit the sheriff’s office. With a little luck, they will set a court date and let you go. Just be sure to be there for your court date so that you do not receive a warrant for failing to appear.

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