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How to Bail Someone Out of Jail

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Bailing someone out of jail is not the most pleasurable of tasks, but it is one that must be done sometimes. People who receive a late night called from a friend or loved one asking them to bond them out of jail might be wondering just how they go about doing so if they’ve never bonded anyone out of jail before. The process is relatively simple once people understand the various ways to do so.

<h1>Cash Bonds</h1>

People can bond others out of jail by using cash bonds. To use a cash bond, the bonder must call the jail that the inmate is incarcerated in and find out what the amount of the cash bond is. In some instances, inmates are granted cash only bonds, which means that they cannot utilize the services of bail bondsmen and must have their bonds paid in cash. Once the amount of the cash bond has been determined, then the bonder may report to the booking officer with the cash in hand. After the inmate is released, he or she will be released into the bonder’s care. As long as the bonded inmate makes all his or her court dates, then the bonder will be able to receive his or her money back at a later date.

<h1>Bail Bond Services</h1>

Bail bond services are perhaps the most common way to get someone out of jail. Sometimes judges do not set cash bonds for inmates, and other times inmates’ bail amounts are set so high that it is difficult for people to come up with enough cash money to bail them out. In such instances, bail bond services can prove invaluable. With bail bond services, people pay for 10 percent of the amount of the bail, and the bail bondsman pays for the rest. However, once the inmate is released from jail, it is the responsibility of the person who purchased the bond to ensure that the defendant shows up to all his or her court dates, or the individual who bonded the defendant out could be responsible for the remaining balance of the bond that the bail bond service paid. People should also be prepared to answer numerous questions about the inmates they want to bond out of jail, such as their relationships to them, how long they’ve been in jail, if they are seen as risk factors for jumping bail and so on.

Bailing someone out of jail is not very difficult, although coming up with the money to do so is. Individuals should also keep in mind that once they bond an inmate out of jail, whether or not they get their money back depends upon whether or not the bonded individual complies with his or her court dates.


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