What is FORGE?

To fabricate, construct, or prepare one thing iu imitation of another thing,with the intention of substituting the false for the genuine, or otherwise deceiving anddefrauding by the use of tlie spurious article. To counterfeit or make falsely. Especially,to make a spurious written instrument with the inteution of fraudulently substituting itfor another, or of passing it off as genuine; or to fraudulently alter a genuineinstrument to another’s prejudice; or to sign another person’s name to a document,with a deceitful and fraudulent intent. See In re Cross (D. C.) 43 Fed. 520; U. S. v.Watkins, 28 Fed. Cas. 445; Johnson v. State, 9 Tex. App. 251; I.ougwell v. Day, 1 Mich.N. P. 290; People v. Compton, 123 Cal. 403. 50 Pac. 44 ; People v. Graham, 1 Sheld.(X. Y.) 155 ; Rohr v. State, 00 N. J. Law, 570, 38 Atl. 073; Haynes v. State, 15 Ohio St.455; Garner v. State, 5 Lea, 213; State v. Greenwood, 76 Minn. 211, 78 N. W. 1012, 77Am. St. Rep. 632; State v. Young, 46 N. H. 206, S8 Am. Dec. 212.To forge (a metaphorical expression, borrowed from the occupation of the smith)means, properly speaking, no more than to make or form, but in our law it is alwaystaken in an evil sense. 2 East, P. C. p. 852. c. 19,

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