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That part of a statute commencing with the words “Be it enacted,” and continuing as far as the repealing clause; and hence, the design, contemplation, purpose, or scope of the act. See

Labor Law

Employment Law v. Labor Law  Employment Law  The basic pattern of law which deals with employment issues/the employment relationship: worker safety (OSHA), minimum wage, age/race/creed discrimination, FamilyMedical LeaveAct, pension regulation. Labor Law The

Constitutional Law

Federal Judicial Power Source and Scope Article III, §1 provides that the federal judicial power “shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from

Admin Law Keyed to Rogers & Krotoszynski

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION  A. OVERVIEW OF THE WORK AND PLACE OF ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCIES IN OUR SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT 1. Interstate Commerce Commission v. Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Co 2.

Should Cigarettes Be Made Illegal?

Over the last few years, a few jurisdictions in the United States have become more tolerant of marijuana use. Whereas cannabis is treated as a controlled substance by the federal government, some


An agency started by the Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act that enforces laws to protect the industry. All transactions are required to fit the purview of the act.


In a court of equity, as distinguished from a court of law; in thepurview, consideration, or contemplation of equity; according to the doctrines of equity.


Prior to; preceding. In the presence of; under the official purview of; as in a magistrate’s jurat, “before me personally appeared,” etc. In the absence of any statutory provision governing the computation