What is QUALIFY?

To make one’s self fit or prepared to exercise a right, office, or franchise. To take the steps necessary to prepare one’s self for an office or appointment as by taking oath, giving bond, etc. Pub. St. Mass. p. 1294; Archer v. State, 74 Md. 443, 22 Atl. 8, 28 Am. St. Rep. 201; Hale v. Salter, 25 La. Ann. 324; State v. Albert 55 Kan. 154, 40 Pac. 2S0. Also to limit; to modify ; to restrict. Thus, it is said that one section of a statute qualifies auother. Qualitas quae inesse debet, facile prse- sumitur. A quality which ought to form a part is easily presumed.

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