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Lat. In Roman law. Judicial proceedings; trials. Judicia publica, criminal trials. Dig. 48, 1. Judicia in curia regis non adnlhilen- tur, sed stent in robore suo quousque per crrorem ant attinctunx adnullentur. Judgments in the king’s courts are not to lie annihilated, but to remain iu force until an- nulled by error or attaint. 2 lust. 539. Judicia in dcliberationibus crebro nia- turcscunt, in accelcrato proccssu nunquam. Judgments frequently become matured by deliberations, never by hurried process or precipitation. 3 lust. 210. Judicia posteriora sunt in lege forti- ora. 8 Coke, 97. The later decisions are the stronger in law. Judicia sunt tanquam juris dicta, et pro veritate accipiuntur. Judgments are, as it were, the sayings of the law, and are received as truth. 2 lust. 537.

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