What is STREAM?

A current of water; a body of liowiug water. The word, in its ordinary sense, includes rivers. But Callis detines a stream “a current of waters ruuuiiig over the level at random, and not kept in with bauks or walls.” Call. Sew. 183,J 133. See Muuson v. Iluugerford, ii Barb. (X. Y.) 270; Freuch v. Carhart, 1 X. Y. 107; Miller v. Black Bock Springs Imp. Co., 99 Va. 747, 40 8. E. 27, 80 Am. St. ltep. 924; Armtield v. State, 27 lud. App. 488, 01 X. E. 093; Trustees of Schools v. Schroll, 120 111. 509, 12 N. E. 243, 00 Am. Kep. 575.

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