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What is SALARY

A recompense or consideration made to a person for his pains and industry in another person’s business; also wages, stipend, or annual allowance. Cowell. A fixed periodical compensation to be paid for services rendered; a stated compensation, amounting to so much by the year, month, or other fixed period, to be paid to public officers and persons iu some private employments, for the performance of official duties or the rendering of services of a particular kind, more or less definitely described, involving professional knowledge or skill, or at least employment above the grade of menial or mechanical labor. See State v. Speed, 183 Mo. 180, 81 S. W. 1200; Dane v. Smith, 54 Ala. 50; Fidelity Ins. Co. v. Shenandoah Iron Co. (C. C.) 42 Fed. 370; Cowden v. Huff, 10 Ind. 85; In re Chancellor, 1 Bland (Md.) 590; Houser v. Umatilla County, 30 Or. -ISO, 49 Pac. 807; Thompson v. Phillips, 12 Ohio SALE 1053

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