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What are the laws for entering canada after getting a dui?

Once you have been convicted of a DUI, there are only a couple of different ways for you to gain entrance into Canada. To enter the country, you better be prepared for an extensive amount of paperwork, hassles, fees and lengthy wait times for the bureaucracy to end up processing your application for entrance into the country.

If your DUI sentence was completed less than five years prior, the only way you are going to gain entrance into the country is through a temporary resident permit, which is going to run you $200 Canadian. Even if your DUI was knocked down to that of a misdemeanor or reckless driving, you are still going to have issues with getting into the country. You are going to have to prove that your visit is that of an urgent one. Heading to Canada for a ski trip is not going to get you into the country. An important business meeting or an ill relative is considered urgent to the officials. Even with extenuating circumstances, you are still not guaranteed to get into the country. It is all up to the officers at the port of entry if you are going to be allowed into their realm or not.

If your DUI is more than five years old, you can fill out the Approval for Rehabilitation forms. Depending upon how serious your crime was, you will have to pay anywhere from $200 on up to $1,000 for processing of the application. Since the fee is nonrefundable, you are taking a chance upon getting into the country. They are going to require proof that you are living a stable lifestyle and free from involvement with any potential criminal activity. Expect to complete a lot of paperwork and provide proof of your FBI file. You will also need proof of your criminal history with an explanation for each charge. Expect processing to take at least a year or more, but once approved, you will not have to worry about border problems.

For those who have only had one DUI that was more than a decade ago, all you need to do is drive to the border with your Approval of Rehabilitation paperwork. You can be approved right there on the spot without having to pay anything out of pocket. Your DUI will not be a problem when entering into the country for years to come.


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