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What Are The Potential Problems With Applying For A Green Card In Marriage?

The United States is well-know as the nation built upon immigration. Unfortunately, with a bad economy and terror threats, the country has become more difficult to move to. Here are some of the potential problems with applying for a Green Card in marriage.

Marriage Fraud Red Flags

The primary goal of the marriage Green Card process is to prove the validity of your relationship by sharing intimate details and joint financial contracts. There is a challenge because of three factors: 1) potential fraud, 2) lower American marriage standards, and 3) the stress of revealing intimate details.

Go online and you will see plenty of “available” foreign women who want to reach the United States. Marriage fraud is increasing as employment-based paths to immigration are being restricted. One problem is that after receiving a Green Card, a wife can make false claims of physical abuse and easily avoid any responsibilities in the marriage. Some know how to manipulate the system.

American Divorce Rate is Above 50%

In a nation that has a Las Vegas “drive-thru” divorces and a divorce rate above 50%, it can be difficult to gauge a real marriage. If an immigrant “gold digger” marries a wealthy man and gets a divorce after receiving a Green Card, she can argue that she is just being “American.” Who can dispute the claim?

Placing Stress on Legitimate Marriage

Immigration officials ask very personal, intimate and confidential questions during the Green Card application process. This can be embarrassing and reveal potential problems in the relationship. Spouses will begin to question some elements that they might not have considered before.

Some people are wondering about separation. While an official legal separation or divorce will void the Green Card, can a temporary separation derail the process? Generally, the immigrant official is looking for a happy, traditional marriage for the Green Card.

The paradox is that the immigrant official is looking for honesty. But if a spouse is honest about problems in the relationship, it could lead to the rejection of the Green Card. Marital problems are a natural element of a successful marriage. But having spouses argue in the presence of the immigrant official (while it may be normal at home) may not be wise when applying for a Green Card for lawful permanent residence.