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How to get dual citizenship in Canada

Variety is the spice of life and dual citizenship can allow you more freedom to travel between different countries. Dual citizenship in Canada can be a great way to enjoy the tremendous natural resources of Canada while enjoying certain favorable attributes of other nations, like the warm weather of southern climates. Here are some of the important factors involving dual citizenship in Canada.

Canadian Citizenship Requirements

Canadians gain citizenship from 1) birth, 2) marriage, 3) extended residency or the naturalization process. Many people who might qualify for dual citizenship have one of those four aforementioned criteria occurring in another country, besides Canada. A common characteristic is someone working in Canada but who was born or owns property in another nation.

Advantages of Dual Citizenship

When people travel back-and-forth between countries, it only makes sense for them to get dual citizenship. It can make the process easier without a long wait to get a visa. These are some of the primary benefits of dual citizenship:

  • Access to Services
  • Easier to Enter Two Countries
  • Employment
  • Flexibility
  • Unrestricted Residency

Disadvantages of Dual Citizenship

One key problem with dual citizenship is the difficulty in tracking the development of laws in two different countries. Other disadvantages include paying taxes in two countries, split loyalties and potential restrictions. Travel can be a challenge because each nation will have different levels of scrutiny based on the type of passport you are carrying.

A good example of a problem with dual citizenship has arisen due to the United States of American tax authority: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Just like all countries, the United States has established that any American citizen spending money in a foreign country is liable to pay taxes in the United States. The problem has been that the IRS wants to require that foreign companies open their accounting books to them. Some European financial sites have prohibited American customers as a result.

Eligibility for Foreign Citizenship

If you are a citizen of one country, but spend a great deal of time or have property in another country, you might be eligible for citizenship in both countries. You should check with the embassy or consulate in Canada.

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