The act by which one who was unfree. or under the power and control of another, is set at liberty and madeliis own master. Fremont v. Sandowu, 50 N. H. 303; Porter v. Powell. 79 Iowa, 151, 44N. W. 295, 7 L. R. A. 170, 18 Am. St. Bep. 353; Varney v. Young, 11 Vt. 258.In Roman law. The enfranchisement of a son by his father, which was ancientlydone by the formality of an imaginary .sale. This was abolished by Justinian, who substitutedthe simpler proceeding of a manumission before a magistrate. Inst 1, 12, 6.In Louisiana. The emancipation of minors is especially recognized and regulated bylaw.In England. The term “emancipation” has been borrowed from the Roman law, andis constantly used in the law of parochial settlements. 7 Adol. & E. (N. S.) 574, note.

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