What is WRECK?

At common law. Such goods as after a shipwreck are cast upon the land bythe sea, aud, as lying within the territory of some county, do not belong to theJurisdiction of the admiralty, but to the common law. 2 Inst. 107; 1 Bl. Comm. 200.Goods cast ashore from a wrecked vessel, where no living creature has escapedfrom the wreck alive; and which are forfeited to the crown, or to persons having thefranchise of wreck. Cowell.In American law. Goods cast ashore by the sea, and not claimed by the ownerwithin a year, or other specified period; and which, in such case, become the propertyof the state. 2 Kent, Comm. 322.In maritime law. A ship becomes a wreck when, in consequence of injuries received,she is rendered absolutely unnaviga- ble, or unable to pursue her voyage, withoutrepairs exceeding the half of her value. Wood v. Insurance Co., 6 Mass. 479, 4 Am.Dec. 103; Collard v. Eddy, 17 Mo. 355; Baker v. Iloag, 7 N. Y. 558, 59 Am. Dec. 431;Beele v. Insurance Co.. 19 Fed. Cas. 104; Lacaze v. State, 1 Add. (ra.) 99.

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