What is RECLAIM?

To claim or demand back; to ask for the return or restoration of a thing; to insist upon one’s right to recover that which was one’s own, but was parted with conditionally or mistakenly; as, to reclaim goods which were obtained from one under false pretenses. In fendal law, it was used of the action of a lord pursuing, prosecuting, and recalling his vassal, who had gone to live in another place, without his permission. In international law, it denotes the demanding of a thing or person to be delivered up or surrendered to the government or state to which either properly belongs, when, by an Irregular means, it has come into the possession of another. Wharton. In the law of property. Spoken of animals, to reduce from a wild to a tame or do- mestic state; to tame them. In an analogous sense, to reclaim land Is to reduce marshy or swamp land to a state fit for cultivation and habitation. In Scotch law. To appeal. The reclaiming days in Scotland are the days allowed to a party dissatisfied with the judgment of the lord ordinary to appeal therefrom to the in- ner house; and the petition of appeal is called the reclaiming “bill,” “note,” or “petition.” Mozley & Whitley; Bell.

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