What is NEGLECT?

Omission; failure to do something that one is bound to do; carelessness. The term is used in the law of bailment as synonymous with “negligence.” But the latter word is the closer translation of the Latin “neglipentia.” As used in respect to the payment of money, refusal is the failure to pay money when demanded; neglect is the failure to pay money which the party is bound to pay without demand. Kimball v. Rowland, 6 Gray (Mass.) 224. The term means to omit, as to neglect business or payment or duty or work, and is generally used in this sense. It does not generally imply carelessness or imprudence, but simply an omission to do or perform some work, duty, or act. Bosenplaenter v. Itoessle, f>4 N. Y. 262.

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