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v. The primary meaning of this word is “making with the hand,” but this definition is too narrow for its present use. Its meaning has expanded as workmanship and art have advanced, so that now nearly all artificial products of human industry, nearly all such materials as have acquired changed conditions or new and specific combinations, whether from the direct action of the human hand, from chemical processes devised and directed by human skill, or by the employment of machinery, are now commonly designated as “manufactured.” Carlin v. Western Assur. Co., 57 Md. 526, 40 Am. Rep. 440; Evening Journal Ass’n v. State Board of Assessors, 47 N. J. Law, 36, 54 Am. Rep. 114; Attorney General v. Lorman, 59 Mich. 157, 26 N. W. 311. 60 Am. Rep. 287; Kidd v. Pearson, 128 U. S. 1, 9 Sup. Ct. 6, 32 L. Ed. 346. MANUFACTURE, n. In patent law. Any useful product made directly by human labor, or by the aid of machinery directed and controlled by human power, and either from raw materials, or from materials worked up into a new form. Also the process by which such products are made or fashioned.

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